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Navigating the complexities of health care isn’t a one-person job, which is why Washington Hospital Healthcare System and ABC7 have teamed up to become your guide for accurate, local health and wellness information.

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Living with Diabetes

By Vida Reed, RN

Although more than 30.3 million Americans are currently living with diabetes, there can still be a stigma around receiving a diagnosis.

Diabetes Management Begins with Healthy Eating

By Lorie Roffelsen, RD, CDE

Knowing how to manage this condition over a lifetime is more important than ever – and it all starts with eating healthy.

To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, Know the Risks

By Prasad Katta, MD

With prevention in mind, here are some Type 2 diabetes risk factors that you inherit and ones that you’re able to control.

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Bay Area Healthier Together is built on the belief that healthier people build healthier communities. Delivering medical expert-driven content, this community information, advocacy, and engagement initiative empowers Bay Area residents to take control of their health and wellness – and do so together.