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Navigating the complexities of health care isn’t a one-person job, which is why Washington Hospital Healthcare System and ABC7 have teamed up to become your guide for accurate, local health and wellness information.

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Who Should Consider Lung Cancer Screening?

By Jason Chu, MD

Like all cancers, early diagnosis gives you the best possible chance of treating and surviving lung cancer – and that starts with knowing your risks ...

How to Protect Your Lungs from Wildfires

By Sherry Harrington, RCP

Wildfire smoke is a harmful mixture of carbon dioxide, water vapor, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates, hydrocarbons and other organic chemicals.

How Dangerous is Smoking Really?

By Jennifer O. Chan, MD

If there was one thing that you could do to immediately and significantly improve your health, it would be quitting smoking.

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Bay Area Healthier Together is built on the belief that healthier people build healthier communities. Delivering medical expert-driven content, this community information, advocacy, and engagement initiative empowers Bay Area residents to take control of their health and wellness – and do so together.