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Navigating the complexities of health care isn’t a one-person job, which is why Washington Hospital Healthcare System and ABC7 have teamed up to become your guide for accurate, local health and wellness information.

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How to Support a Loved One with a Mental Health Disorder

By Clive Chambers, RN

There are many resources available that can help you better support your loved one and help them receive the assistance they need for the best ...

Holidays Have You Stressed? You’re Not Alone.

By Semma Sehgal, MD

The key to dealing with holiday triggers it to know how to identify them and develop coping strategies that’ll help you through.

Separating Mental Illness Fact from Fiction

By Semma Sehgal, MD

In an effort to increase awareness and destigmatize mental illness, here are some of the most common misconceptions.

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Bay Area Healthier Together is built on the belief that healthier people build healthier communities. Delivering medical expert-driven content, this community information, advocacy, and engagement initiative empowers Bay Area residents to take control of their health and wellness – and do so together.