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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Injury Prevention and Recovery

By Mark Neves, OTL, MS, HTC

From brushing your hair to throwing a fastball, the range of motion your shoulder allows is pretty amazing. Comprised of the clavicle (collarbone), scapula (shoulder ...

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What is a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement?

By John G. Costouros, MD, FACS, FAAOS

When a shoulder joint has degenerated to the point it needs to be replaced, patients can opt for a reverse total shoulder replacement.

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery Through the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research

By John G. Costouros, MD, FACS, FAAOS

Total shoulder replacement, also known as total shoulder arthroplasty, is used to treat the degenerative effects of arthritis by replacing the worn joint with a ...

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Fighting Heart Disease with Heart-healthy Living

By Rohit Sehgal, MD

Reducing your risk of heart disease starts with understanding the common risk factors that contribute to it, and making the necessary changes to adopt a ...

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4 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

By Sangeetha Balakrishnan, MD

Nearly 46% of adults in the United States struggle with high blood pressure.

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Optimizing Your Recovery with Cardiac Rehabilitation

By Lani dela Rama, RN, MSN

Having the dedicated support of health care providers, loved ones and fellow survivors can make a tremendous difference in a patient’s mental and physical rehabilitation ...

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How Restoring Vascular Health Can Help Restore Quality of Life

By Gabriel Herscu, MD

Meet Irma and discover how vascular rejuvenation, backed by a multidisciplinary limb preservation team, helped her go from bed-bound to walking again.

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Diabetes and Vascular Health: Understanding the Connection

By Prasad Katta, MD

From neuropathy and nonhealing wounds to loss of limb use and amputation, learn how diabetes affects one's vascular health.

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Physical Therapy and Its Role in Regaining Mobility

By Geoffrey Advincula, PT

Physical therapy isn't only for athletes recovering from injury. Learn how it can help manage vascular conditions, heal nonhealing wounds, and regain limb use.

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