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The Importance of Rehabilitation in Injury Recovery

By Russell M. Nord, M.D.

More than an inconvenience, the pain they cause can affect your mobility and quality of life. That’s why proper rehabilitation of an injury is so ...

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7 Common Concussion Myths

By Steven W. Zonner, D.O.

While our understanding of concussion has improved a lot over the years, there are a lot of myths surrounding this type of brain injury that ...

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What is Cup Therapy?

By Ashwinder Wadhawan

Cup therapy is a manual therapy technique that involves applying direct suction to the surface of the body to alleviate pain or improve mobility in ...

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How to Heal a Non-Healing Wound

By Prasad Kilaru, MD

Chronic wounds are ulcerations that don’t follow a predictable pattern of healing, typically showing slow or no improvement within 4 weeks.

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Why Wounds Won’t Heal (and What You Can Do to Help)

By Sarah Wartman, MD

Chronic wounds are the result of something interrupting the healing process. Some of the most common causes of non-healing wounds include infection, fluid buildup, and ...

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What You Need to Know About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

By Gabriel Herscu, MD

We all know that oxygen is essential to life, but it also plays an important role in wound healing.

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How Community Needs Impact Asthma Care

By Jason Chu, MD

As a district hospital, Washington Hospital seeks to meet the current healthcare needs of its community – and anticipate the needs to come. Learn how ...

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A Pathway to Better Pediatric Asthma Management

By Katherine Caldwell, MD

In children, unmanaged asthma can quickly lead to a medical emergency. Learn how clinical protocols and community awareness are helping improve pediatric asthma care.

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The FAST Way to Identify Stroke

By Prabhjot Singh Khalsa, MD

When it comes to a stroke, time is of the essence. Each minute that passes before receiving help, increases the amount of permanent damage done ...

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