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Advanced Maternal-Fetal Care at the Prenatal Diagnostic Center

By Jacquelyn Kay Chyu, MD

Open since July 2017, the Prenatal Diagnostic Center is a collaboration between USCF and Washington Hospital Healthcare System.

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A Special Care Nursery for Infants’ Special Needs

By James McGuire, MD

Because no two people are the same, no two pregnancies and births are the same. Some babies are born healthy and ready to take on ...

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How the Critical Care Pavilion Improves Healthcare Accessibility

By Kadeer Halimi, MD

The Pavilion is the latest in Washington Hospital’s ongoing program to meet current and future community health needs.

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Expanding Clinical Abilities with the New Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion

By John Thomas Mehigan, MD

The new 224,800 square-foot Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion gives us the space to expand emergency services and critical care that will save countless lives ...

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Five Ways the Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion is Improving Patient Care

By Carmencita Agcaoili, MD

The new Critical Care Pavilion helps us better serve our growing community in a safe and very private environment that promotes the healing process.

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Five Questions to Ask When Comparing Health Insurance Plans

By Kristi Caracappa

Navigating the complexities of health insurance can be overwhelming. When evaluating plans, here are a few things one should ask.

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Should I Go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room?

By Kadeer Halimi, MD

While they each fill a specific health care need, there’s enough overlap that deciding where to go to get the care you require is anything ...

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6 Steps to Getting the Care You Need

By Leslie Michelson

As complex as the American health care system is, finding the No-Mistake Zone can involve a lot of independent research and legwork on the patient’s ...

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Improving Quality of Life at the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research

By John T. Dearborn, MD
and Alexander Sah, MD

At Washington Hospital’s Institute for Joint Restoration and Research, joint replacement is both an artform and a science.

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