Meet the Experts

Kadeer Halimi, MD

Medical Director

Washington Hospital Emergency Department

Dr. Kadeer Halimi is a board-certified emergency medicine specialist at Washington Hospital Healthcare System. In his role, he sees patients for everything from injury to illness. His best advice for people who are debating whether or not to go to the Emergency Room? “You know your body better than anyone else, so listen to it! If you think something may be wrong, it’s better to get help now than live with a lifetime of regret.”

Dr. Halimi earned his medical degree from Western University of Health Services, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pomona, California, and completed his residency in emergency medicine at the Scott and White Hospital at Texas A&M in Temple, Texas. He is currently the Medical Director of the Washington Hospital Emergency Department, as well as Chair-Elect of the Washington Hospital Department of Medicine and Co-Chair of the Clinical Operations Re-Admissions Committee.

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