Introducing Bay Area Healthier Together

Building a Healthier Future

Washington Hospital Healthcare System’s history has been one of constant growth in response to the needs of the community. When our Hospital opened, there were 18,000 local residents who looked to us for health care services.

Over the years, as the community grew, we worked hard to plan and develop the services and facilities you need. Today, we are a premiere health care provider to more than 350,000 residents and the greater Bay Area.

This year, as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Washington Hospital, we are also excited to mark the completion of one of the most significant construction projects in our community’s history – the Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion, opening this fall.

The new 223,000-square-foot, three-floor Pavilion represents a major expansion of Washington Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive and Critical Care Units. The ED is nearly four times larger than our current facility with state-of-the-art equipment. It is designed to offer patients leading edge care in a safe, secure and more personalized environment.

The Pavilion is part of a masterplan developed by the Washington Township Health Care District Board of Directors and is funded by the residents of the District. It’s an important part of our plan to continuously improve services to meet community growth as well as advancements in technology and the practice of medicine.

Design of the Critical Care Pavilion is based on our Hospital’s vision of a safe, environmentally friendly, quality facility to meet the community’s health care needs now and for decades to come.

The building itself will be LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and a state-of-the-art base isolation system will help ensure that our facilities can continue functioning after a major earthquake.

This is a very exciting time for Washington Hospital Healthcare System and the community. The opening of Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion not only helps us to meet the needs of our residents, it gives us the capacity to look beyond southern Alameda County and become a trusted regional health care resource. With our new infrastructure, a talented and caring staff, and our passion for excellence, we are building a healthier future for all.

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