Introducing Bay Area Healthier Together

Healthier Today. Healthier Tomorrow. Healthier Together.

Washington Hospital Healthcare System is proud to partner with ABC 7 San Francisco to present Bay Area Healthier Together, a new program dedicated to providing Bay Area residents with the tools, information and support needed to take an active role in their health.

And we can do just that – together.

Now more than ever, people are searching for reliable, local resources to help them navigate the complex and frustrating healthcare system. From knowing their treatment options to understanding their insurance benefits, being an informed health care consumer is a necessary part of living a healthier life.

For 60 years, WHHS has served as advocate, innovator and provider of high-quality healthcare to the Washington Township Healthcare District. As a not-for-profit District hospital, we’re owned by the community and an integral part of its overall health, but our reach extends so much further. Partnerships with UCSF, our dedication to providing world-class care, and the ever-evolving definition of community have made us one of the region’s premiere medical facilities.

It’s a distinction that we couldn’t have achieved on our own.

So, on behalf of WHHS, ABC 7, the District, welcome. We look forward to introducing you to our talented team, sharing our experience, and earning your trust as a healthcare resource – so we can be more informed, better prepared and healthier together.